pre-diploma / diploma / advance diploma courses in Hospitality


Pre-Diploma / Diploma / Advance Diploma Courses in Hospitality Management, JB Hospitality Management is under JB Hospitality Welfare Trust, An Educational Trust with two wings, One is JB Hospitality Management,  which is a Premier Hotel & Hospitality Management Institute in Kolkata and Another one is JB Career Counselling which is mainly designed for the Students who are planning for their Career and working Professionals wanting to grow or shift for elevation in their Career Graph.

Your First STEP Towards Career In Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is the second largest in the world. The demand for skilled professionals in the industry is increasing not only in India but also throughout the world. The word ‘Hospitality’ means friendly and generous behavior towards guests. Apart from five-star hotels, airlines, railways, ships, hospitals, travel agencies & banking sectors also come under hospitality.

The Hospitality industry is booming at a rapid pace. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities for people across all cultiural, social and natonal boundaries.

The gap between demand and supply for hotel industry professionals is huge. To cope with the gap JBHM is playing a leading role in West Bengal as well as in India.

JBHM comes with a motto “To provide premium hospitality education to all students of any economic strata”. For any kind of Soft Skill Development Courses and Hospitality Management, these students are going outside.

Since the number of Institutions in comparison to the number of students are very less and the students with healthy economic background were able to afford this courses. So in view of the above scenario, our promoting body had decided to set-up our proposed Institution which will provide affordable, quality education with earn- while -learn option and cater to the needs of students in Hospitality Management Courses.

. At JBHM, we train our students with Personal Attention, Hand-on Training with highly qualified, experienced & caring Faculty