Placement Charts of Students With Details


Enjoys a well-recognized status in the industry circles. The training is evaluated and closely monitored by the institute. JB Hospitality management enjoys an eminent and well-recognized status in the industry circles.  Log books are maintained by the students of their training activities and these are scrutinized by the respective heads of department at the Institute on completion of the training.  Placement office of the institute keeps in continuous touch with the industry to stay abreast with every employment opportunity and assists students in getting the best possible placements. Our students are catering in spheres related to this industry of national and international repute. The institute has well established and strong ties with the industry and the placement are done by on and off campus recruitment program.


Apart from studies the Student must get some time to feel relaxed the time in which they can enjoy to their fullest in context to that JB Hospitality Management arranges annual Events to make their students feel special . So far the Events that takes place are


An event where the New batches get to interact with the existing and old batches .they share views get to know well through interactive session of Music, Dance and Drama.

Ramp Walks:-

Students feel special in dressing out their own way and potraying their own skills in a stylish manner.

Halloween party: Apart from that Music, Dance, Debate
, Extempore and many more…

Here Our Fews Success Story # JBIHM

Mr S K Aman, Courtyard, Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad

Mr Shankar Saw, Westin Kolkata

Mr. Aman Jaisawal, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

Mr. Faizal Mustafa, Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

Mr. FurquanNizami, Marriott , Chennai

Mr. KuntalBera, Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

Mr. Md.Adil, Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad

Mr. Nima Lama, Marriott, Chennai

Mr. Sayantan Das Roy,Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

Mr. Subrata Paul, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

Mr. Suman Manna, Marriott, Chennai

Mr. Zessan Nizami, Four point Sheraton, Pune

Mr.Arindam Sarkar, cidade de goa

Ms. Ananya Das, TheLalit- Bekal, Kerala

Ms. Piyali Sarkar, Hyatt. Ahmedabad

Ms. Ratan Gupta, Kenilworth, Kolkata

Ms. Sangita Das, TheLalit- Bekal, Kerala

Ms.VarsaDey, Radisson , Bengaluru

Ishan Das, Grand Hyatt, Kochi

Indranil Das, Grand Hyatt, Kochi

Pooja Das. Hyatt Regency, Pune